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Train your brain with NeurOptimal -  transform your life! NeurOptimal makes a difference!    English, French and German spoken.

For those of you who are not yet familiar with NeurOptimal Dynamical Neurofeedback:

What is NeurOptimal? NeurOptimal® is an advanced neuro-technology that offers training to the brain, enabling it to function at its best. It’s mathematically designed to communicate directly with your central nervous system and has been called “the most effective bio-hack on this planet”. Hype aside however, NeurOptimal® does have a long and venerable history with well over THREE MILLION HOURS of safe and effective usage, and it is celebrating its seventeenth year this year! NeurOptimal is widely used all over the world. You can also benefit from NeurOptimal in Amsterdam.

This innovative form of neurofeedback is not a medical treatment, but instead is a TRAINING for the brain. It does not require diagnosis, but rather it dances micro-second by micro-second with your brain offering it the information it needs to RE-ORGANIZE ITSELF. And when your brain does that, a whole lot of complaints drop away. You feel calmer, clearer, happier and able to function better in your life.

It doesn’t matter where you are starting from — EVERY brain can enjoy meeting its own state of optimal. And training is absolutely effortless. You can relax, close your eyes and even zone out if you want. And if you don’t want to relax, that’s fine too! Incredibly simple to learn and to operate, all the expertise has been built right in.

Who use NeurOptimal?

Anyone with a brain! This is because training your brain with NeurOptimal® will get you functioning at your best, WHATEVER THAT BEST IS.

We are used by peak performing athletes, artists, and business people who want to achieve and maintain their edge. We are also used by individuals who feel they are not functioning at their best, including many adults and children with severe impairments, who want a drug-free approach to feeling and functioning optimally.

NeurOptimal® was developed by Clinical Psychologists Drs. Valdeane and Susan Brown, Founders of Zengar Institute Inc. It utilizes an original Dynamical Neurofeedback® algorithm developed by the Drs. Brown, which is exclusive to NeurOptimal®.

Some suggestions for its use are:

Wellness enhancement
Stress reduction
Academic and job enhancement
Optimizing your intelligence with improved brain function
Preparation for testing: improved focus, attention and retention, reduction of test anxiety
As part of an anti-aging program
Enhancing creativity and awareness
Personal and spiritual development in individual and group settings
Group training in retreat settings

More in-depth information you will find at neuroptimal.com

Would you like to experience  NeurOptimal sessions? I have a really nice offer for you: you can buy 5 or 10 NeurOptimal sessions and pay  € 79,50 for each session in stead  of  €85,00 for one single session.  More over, when you buy 10 sessions you get the 11th session for free. Payment in advance.  To make an Appointment please contact me.

My working days/hours are: Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 13.00 till 19.30. A session will take one hour.